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25 October 2012 @ 08:49 pm
Name/Alias: You can call me Shuri :)
Age: 16
LJ: shuri8
What part of the world you're from: US
What got you into Soul Eater?:It's a longer story, but pretty much I debated watching it out of boredom, finally did, and fell in love.
Reason for liking Soul Eater: interesting story, awesome characters, beautiful art
Favorite Characters: Kid, Soul, Black Star, Maka, Stein, pretty much all of them!
Least Favorites: Gopher, Noah, Justin
Favorite Pairings: No opinion
Least Favorite: Anything that's teacherXstudent. That is so wrong for so many reasons to me.
Involved in any fanworks: I have the accounts(DA, FanFic, etc.) but don't do much of anything on them.
Other Fandoms: FMA, Code Geass, Black Butler, D. Gray Man, and Durarara are the main ones.
Other Interests: Reading, video games, music
Favorite Movies/TV/Music: I don't have specifics, but I'm a huge fan of Disney and also Tim Burton. Don't watch much TV, but I love music. I have way too much music to list.
Anything Else?: I'm a friendly individual, shy, but willing to listen and make friends. I'm a bit boring at first, but once you get to know me I'm quite...enthusiastic. Sure, let's go with that.
Are you going to California?: No, but I will be going to New York!


09 July 2012 @ 08:57 am
Name/alias: Just call me Vixi :)

Age: 19 (turning 20 this year)

LJ: literaryvixi

Instant messenger: hotmail

What part of the world you're from: U.S.

What got you into Soul Eater: I had been interested since I first heard of it. 

Reason for liking Soul Eater: The concept of weapons and meisters.

Favorite character(s): Crona(who is a boy to me btw), Stein, Gopher, Spirit, Liz, Patti, Kid, Maka, Soul, Black*Star(in no specific order)

Least favorite character(s): Medusa, Giriko, Justin Law

Favorite pairing(s): SteinxMarie, SoulxLiz, SpiritxKami, Team Failboat(non yaoi ver.)

Least favorite pairing(s): Really any pairings between teachers and students or CronaxStein.

Involved in any fanworks (like fanart, fanfics, cosplay, etc.): Not yet but I want to do some fanfiction and cosplay in the future.

Other fandoms: Durarara!!, Fairy Tail, D. Gray Man, SKET Dance

Other interests: writing, handmaking cosplays(one day :'( )

Favorite movies, music, TV shows: Alice 9, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Scoobie Do, New Girl, Master of Disguise, Batman(all movies thus far), The Lion King 1 & 2, Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton movies in general, a good bit of oldies

Anything else about yourself: I may or may not randomly cuddle/huggle/glomp you. Please be aware.

ARE YOU GOING TO CALIFORNIA??: I wish, lol, but no. Sorry Excalibur.
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02 April 2012 @ 11:00 pm
Name/alias: I'm mostly called Tenshi or Makenshi
Age: 16 (turn 17 this year)
Instant messenger: Message me for that please~ :3 I have MSN and Skype.
What part of the world you're from: US
What got you into Soul Eater: Picked up the last copy of the 1st volume, attempted continuing the anime (I had stopped at episode 4), and was hooked.
Reason for liking Soul Eater: ...only one? I adore the art, story line, creativity, oddity of it all, all the added in references, and especially the characters. It's just such a gorgeous and fun anime/manga to me. I also keep up with the current manga, so I'm always excited for more.
Favorite character(s): Crona and Death the Kid. Though honestly I love nearly all the characters.
Least favorite character(s): Arachne and Mosquito. I don't hate them, just don't really care for them. I kind of feel Arachne is useless despite knowing how much she brings to the plot. But let's be honest, she's seen sitting or plotting more often than not while her little sister is gives off a wicked vibe while taking matters into her own conniving hands.
Favorite pairing(s): Kid/Crona, Soul/Maka, Stein/Marie, Black Star/Tsubaki, Medusa/Stein/Marie, Black Star/Patty. I think that's basically it. They're in order of greatest to least.
Least favorite pairing(s): Basically any pairing that's a contradition of my favorites bother me, but I'm no hater. I just would strongly prefer people not to shove it in my face.
Involved in any fanworks (like fanart, fanfics, cosplay, etc.): I draw on deviantart (ManiacTenshiMakenshi), write fanfiction on here and fanfiction.net (Tenshi Makenshi), and will be going to A-Kon in June as Black Clown Blood Crona.
Other fandoms: My previous obsession was Naruto. I really enjoyed Ouran High School Host Club and have read a lot into Fruits Basket but never finished. Really, just ask me about an anime and I'll let you know. Since I get so into to one series at a time, I tend to forget the majority of others I've seen. I also hasn't finished many.
Other interests: I love basically any art. I'm also big on nature and culture/traveling.
Favorite movies, music, TV shows: Juno, How to Train Your Dragon, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Tangled, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, That 70's Show, all sorts of music such as Gorillaz, Blue October, My Chemical Romance, The Beatles, Imogen Heap, and Owl City.
Anything else about yourself: I'm completely addicted and dedicated to KidCrona as my OTP right now. Run while you can (but please don't XD).
ARE YOU GOING TO CALIFORNIA??: Sorry, Excalibur. I'm a mostly poor girl climbing the ladder up from poverty slowly but surely, so no money for Cali.
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30 December 2009 @ 06:35 pm
Name/alias: Ariel (or Kolo)
Age: 15
Instant messenger: N/A
What part of the world you're from: Missouri, US
What got you into Soul Eater: The amount of fanart it had on deviantART got me to look it up. Love at first sight, man. FIRST SIGHT.
Reason for liking Soul Eater: I am very interested in death customs, death beliefs, and death art (read: Dia de los Muertos, Victorian mourning). I am also a Tim Burton fan and love ancient myths. So when I first saw SE, I practically had a seizure in my chair from how beautiful it all looked. I had also been looking for a new, unique, interesting anime for quite awhile.
Favorite character(s): Soul, Maka, B*S, Kid, Liz, Chrona, Ragnarok
Least favorite character(s): Arachne, Medusa, Patty (eeerrrggghhh), Justin (to an extent)
Favorite pairing(s): SoulMaka, ChronaRagnarok (heyyyy shut uppppp)
Least favorite pairing(s): Because I am so SRS BZNIZZ bout everything, I hate crack pairing or ones that don't make sense. :I
Involved in any fanworks (like fanart, fanfics, cosplay, etc.): YES. Lots of fanart, quite a few fanfics, yes, I cosplay. Ask me about those, okay? Since I do have quite a few.
Other fandoms: GinTama, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Hetalia (to an extent, a lot of it is unfunny and stereotypical IMO).
Other interests: The paranormal (this includes cryptozoology), prehistoric studies (talk to me about the ice age, cretateous, jurassic, triassic, and precambrian!), mythology, sociology, psychology. Srsly. :I
Favorite movies, music, TV shows: Movies are V for Vendetta, ZeitGeist, SpaceBalls, Cabaret, Idiocracy, and Blazing Saddles. Music is emo before 2008 - think LostProphets, AFI, Hawthorne Heights, and Motion City Soundtrack - along with GreenDay, Gogol Bordello, and oldies from the Beatles era to the eighties (no hair metal plz). TV shows are Animal Cops (Houstan, Phillie, Phoenix, NYC and Detriot only. South Africa and Miami SUCKED), Ghost Adventures, Is It Real, Lost Tapes, Walking With Dinosaurs, and MonsterQuest.
Anything else about yourself: I am a gigantic, fat Capricorn. I am totally serious about everything, even fandom - which is why I can't tolerate olololol crack pairings or canonXOC. I often try to make myself feel awesome by stroking my own ego because my ego is smaller than Pluto (tiny!). I was also raised by mega-liberal hippies, so NEVER get me into a political debate.
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16 October 2009 @ 09:22 pm
Name/alias: Hyouri
Age: 6teen
LJ: (rinmei)
Instant messenger: -
What part of the world you're from: Philippines
What got you into Soul Eater: I don't know actually, I've always been planning on watching it but it's only now that I got around reading it. and watching some random eps
Reason for liking Soul Eater: It's pretty funny and HAS AWESOME CHARACTERS YES
Favorite character(s): Black☆Star ♥, Death the Kid (well everyone loves him anyway), Tsubaki, Soul, EXCALIBUR. I'M SORRY BUT YES I LOVE EXCALIBUR, Ze Thompson sisters too.
Least favorite character(s): Almost none.. ohwait, Noah? and Blair in human form.
Favorite pairing(s): Black☆Star/Tsubaki, Soul/Maka, Kid/Liz, Marie/Stein
Least favorite pairing(s): ..i will never understand Kid/Chrona. Not much of a Maka/Chrona fan too maybe at some point but now? not yet
Involved in any fanworks (like fanart, fanfics, cosplay, etc.): icons..?
Other fandoms: *copy pasta'd from my fo post*
tales of, persona, toradora!, shugo chara!, nabari no ou, naruto, bleach, fate stay/night, airgear, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, special a, clannad, maria holic, k-on!, beet the vandel buster, mana khemia, higashi no eden, fullmetal alchemist, hatsukoi limited, kaichou wa maid-sama!, koukou debut, lovely complex, ouran high school host club, kuroshitsuji, nanako robin, princess lover!, karneval, hetalia, ane doki
Other interests: iconing, MEMES, random spam stuff
Favorite movies, music, TV shows: I don't really watch that much movies but I am Legend is pretty awesome. Music would prolly be JPOP bands and stuff like NICO Touches the Walls, SID etc. TV shows.. uh, Mythbusters yes and that's it? D:
Anything else about yourself: I mostly just talk about fandoms. Or post memes. :|
ARE YOU GOING TO CALIFORNIA??: Well, Australia would've been nicer BUT OKAY.
19 August 2009 @ 11:18 pm
Name/alias: Z, Zan... or just Molly
Age: 20
LJ: mollyandfriends 
Instant messenger: Ask please :-)
What part of the world you're from: New York, United States
What got you into Soul Eater: My brother was watching the anime one day. I thought it looked cool.
Reason for liking Soul Eater: I thought it was awesome that the main character is a girl. I've been disappointed so much by faux action girls and women who generally stay on the sidelines in shonen.  It was refreshing to have a kickass girl as the lead. Then I got into the story. The rest of the cast is awesome. It's never gets boring with them . <3
Favorite character(s)
: Maka, Crona, and Kid. Kim is cool too. Actually, I like almost everyone
Least favorite character(s): I don't hate anyone... but I find Black*Star annoying.
Favorite pairing(s): I don't pay much attention to pairings, but I have a soft spot for Maka/Crona . I wouldn't mind if Crona ended up being a boy (or both *cough*) and falling in love with Maka later.  It would be really cute. Although girl!Crona is acceptable too.
Least favorite pairing(s): Maka/Soul... I don't really hate it though. But Maka totally wears the pants in this relationship :3. Seme!Maka.
Involved in any fanworks (like fanart, fanfics, cosplay, etc.): Not yet. I need to draw more often.
Other fandoms: Bleach, Princess Tutu, Junjou Romantica, Nippon Ichi (Disgaea, etc.), Eden of the East, Full Metal Panic, Card Captor Sakura, Serial Experiments Lain, Michiko To Hatchin, etc.  I have more but I can't think of them at the moment. I'm into a lot of things. I think I might be a weeboo.
Other interests:  Listening to music and drawing. I also like eating out at different restaurants as a hobby >..>
Favorite movies, music, TV shows:  Movies: Spirited Away, Akeela and the Bee, Kiki's Delivery Service.
Music: Anything but rap and country music. Tv Shows: None at the moment.
Anything else about yourself: I'm just getting into this fandom. I'm not all that familiar yet. ^ ^;. And I'm kind of boring.
ARE YOU GOING TO CALIFORNIA??: Not if Excalibur is going.
09 August 2009 @ 10:05 am
Name/alias: Jacquelyn/Jackie/The Great Chair Bandit
Age: 16
LJ: sno_wing
Instant messenger: azuredust on AIM
What part of the world you're from: Long Island, NY
What got you into Soul Eater: I was looking at some icons and it looked interesting.
Reason for liking Soul Eater: Because it's awesome and goofy and all the characters are cool and everyone gets a turn to be badass and power to the ladies and I could go on forever.
Favorite character(s): Soul, Black*Star, Patti, Marie, & Ox.
Least favorite character(s): Blair annoys me in her human form...
Favorite pairing(s): Soul/Maka, Ox/Kim, & Stein/Marie.
Least favorite pairing(s): None, really.
Involved in any fanworks (like fanart, fanfics, cosplay, etc.): I make icons and have written a fic or two.
Other fandoms: This changes a lot, but currently I'm really into Cowboy Bebop, Sousei no Aquarion, and Teen Titans. I also like Avatar: The: Last Airbender, Eureka Seven, Kare Kano, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Eden of the East, Fullmetal Alchemist, the works of Arina Tanemura, Harry Potter and...there are so goddamn many.
Other interests: This changes a lot, but my constants seem to be theatre, graphic design, and reading.
Favorite movies, music, TV shows: Mean Girls and Across the Universe; this changes a lot - right now my favorites are Rilo Kiley and Regina Spektor, and I also love showtunes; and I don't watch lots of TV, but I like Scrubs and forensics shows and documentaries.
else about yourself: My tastes change a lot and I'm rather unpredictable.
ARE YOU GOING TO CALIFORNIA??: Oh crap, they're onto me... *jetpacks away*
08 August 2009 @ 11:22 pm
Name/alias: Miki
Age: 17
LJ: miki_chi
Instant messenger: grigorisoul on AIM, and changchebop@hotmail.com on MSN
What part of the world you're from: U.S.A.
What got you into Soul Eater:
Reason for liking Soul Eater:
Favorite character(s): Maka, Soul, Stein, Black Star, Mifune, Azusa
Least favorite character(s): Arachne..and others I can't think of at the moment ;;
Favorite pairing(s): MakaxSoul FTW~<333
Least favorite pairing(s): MakaxBlack Star. Seriously...Maka would NEVER date someone like him!!
Involved in any fanworks (like fanart, fanfics, cosplay, etc.): I am in the middle of 2 fanfics, both posted on Fanfiction. They are called Summer Lovin', and Pots, Pans, and Full Frontal ! Black Star?
Other fandoms: D.Gray-man, Shugo Chara, Macross Fontier~<3...Just ask. I can't remember which one's I love since they are just so many~
Other interests: Role Playing, Reading, Singing, Drawing, Writing
Favorite movies, music, TV shows: I don't really have favorites..I just love a bunch of movies. My Favorite TV shows have to be Smallville, Psych, Monk, and Eureka. There are a couple others that I just can't think of right now...And I like most types music.
Anything else about yourself: I am a student, and I want to go to college for Music Performance or Music Education...both if possible. My favorite animal's a dog x3 They are just so cute~
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12 July 2009 @ 10:13 pm
Name/alias: Sailor Pokemon, Ichi, etc. >.> [Rl friends of course, have other names for me as well].
Age: 16
LJ: sailorpokemon I sort of don't update too often, even though I am on quite a bit. >.>;;

Instant messenger: I'd rather not post it up here, though once friended, ask me if you want then. : )
What part of the world you're from: United States. AMERICA'S GLASSES, YO.
What got you into Soul Eater: By stumbling upon it in a Monthly GANGAN issue from a while back, and thought the characters and art were pretty cool. :D
Reason for liking Soul Eater: The characters are full of win and so is the storyline. It's also original; nowadays it seems like a lot of the newer anime/manga are so alike. But that's just my opinion. [Oh! Also, the music too is just epic win. Srsly. 8D]
Favorite character(s): UGH. Too many. Death the Kid[d], Stein, Soul, Spirit, Asura, Mifune, basically everyone.. Except maybe Gopher, lulz. WTF kinda name is that anyway??
Least favorite character(s): Gopher, though I basically know nothing about him [yet], sort of Ox and Blair, Mosquito.
Favorite pairing(s): SO MANY, SO MUCH CRACK. Kid/Soul, Stein/Spirit, Soul/Maka [obvious], Kid/Maka, Giriko/Justin, Asura/Kid, Stein/Marrie, etc, etc. Fer srs.
Least favorite pairing(s): Ox/Maka. >.>
Involved in any fanworks (like fanart, fanfics, cosplay, etc.): More or less the whole kit and kaboodle. I draw a lot of fanart (though I don't think of it as very good), I've started quite a few fanfics, but never got around to finishing them (lack of self-confidence kicks in, and I cosplayed as Maka (just minus the scythe and epic boots, but working on that still) at A-Kon 20 this year.
Other fandoms: Bleach, Hetalia, 07-Ghost, Kuroshitsuji, and much more. Just ask for others if you'd like, I'm sure I probably like some of the same ones as you.
Other interests: Music, drawing/art in general, writing, normal things I guess?? -Cough-
Favorite movies, music, TV shows: The list would be extremely long, so I won't really go into it.. But I will say, I like a lot of different kinds of music including J-Rock/J-Pop, Electronic/Techno, Rock, wutever. [Anything other than Rap or Country really.]
Anything else about yourself: I sort of tend to abuse the caps lock button [usually when fangirling or being random with friends] and the use or emoticons. :D Uhh, I'm really nice but pretty shy [though it's not as noticeable via interwebz], I tend to spout random things that may or may not make sense [depending on the person, I guess (and that really wasn't meant in a bad way)]. Anywhoodles, that's all I can think of to say for now.

Sorry that was sort of major failage. Hope we can be friends none the less~!!
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27 April 2009 @ 03:46 pm

Name/alias: Barby/ Kondou Miharu/ barbypornea
Age: uhm... 24
LJ: kumikoluvshin 
Instant messenger: beckenshin@yahoo.com
What part of the world you're from: Philippines
What got you into Soul Eater: One of my online friends told me that it's great. So I watched it, and I got hooked. Then I began reading the manga
Reason for liking Soul Eater: Because it's one of the anime/manga I've watched/read where I love almost all of characters (especially Dr. Stein). The story is great and unique. Who would have thought that a Shinigami could start a school? In the anime, I loved the animation, especially the fight scenes. They're cool!
Favorite character(s): Dr. Franken Stein, Black Star and Crona (I like Kid, Soul, and Maka, too, and almost all of the characters. Though these are the ones I like the most.)
Least favorite character(s): MEDUSAAAAAAAAAA!!!
Favorite pairing(s): Stein/Marie (coz they're cute), Maka/Soul
Least favorite pairing(s): Stein/Medusa (I don't think they make a good couple. grrrr...)
Involved in any fanworks (like fanart, fanfics, cosplay, etc.): I'm known for my Card Captor Sakura/ Tsubasa Reservoir: Chronicle fanarts and doujinshis in deviantart, but I'm planning to make a Dr. Stein fanart. ^__^ Right now, I'm kinda obsessed with him. If I find time, then maybe I'll make a SteinxMarie doujinshi, too. Cosplay? I'm planning to Cosplay as Crona next time I attend an anime convention/cosplay event.
Other fandoms: Death Note, Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa RC, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, Gakuen Alice, and a lot more...
Other interests: I love drawing, singing, and playing musical instruments like the guitar and piano
Favorite movies, music, TV shows: Movies: The Last Samurai, V for Vendetta, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman, The Lake House, Naruto movies, anime movies, etc..., Music: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Simple Plan, Creed, Linkin Park, and teen beat music, TV shows: Friends, The Simpsons, Heroes, etc...
Anything else about yourself: I'm 24 years old but still a child at heart. I am an architect and I'm also working as a college professor. :D Yeah, I treat my students like my li'l brothers and sisters. But I really really love drawing the most! I love art. I love anime (obviously). heheh...

Yeah, I'm here to talk to people about Soul Eater, since I got really hooked on this series.

ARE YOU GOING TO CALIFORNIA??: Hmm... I want to. (heheh Excalibuuurrrr~)

Nice meeting you all! I hope we will be friends!
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